Goldface Tilefish

Goldface Tilefish

Goldface Tilefish (Caulolatilus chrysops)

Common names: golden-eyed tilefish

Habitat/distribution: Usually on harder bottoms than the Great Golden Tilefish and generally not as deep (down to about 700 feet). They are distributed From the Carolinas to Brazil, but are not that common in the western Gulf.

Method of harvest: vermillion bycatch and sometimes on grouper longlines

Season: Same as Golden Tilefish- as of January 1, 2010, all tilefish will be on an Individual transferrable Quota (ITQ), and will then be landed all year in the US.

Size: generally not more than four to five pounds.

Cooking characteristics: Though not as esteemed as the great Golden Tilefish, the taste and texture goldface tile is actually quite surprising- small flake, sweet, with more crustacean and shellfish notes in the taste.

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